Worried About Citing? The Library can help!

If you’re new to Excelsior College or if you’re returning for the 2016-2017 school year, your instructor may have mentioned something about citing your sources for your next research paper. You may have also read the Excelsior College Academic Honesty Policy and want to ensure you are properly using resources, legally and ethically, to avoid plagiarism.

If you’re in an English or Humanities class, then your instructor probably wants you to use MLA. This is the manuscript style most often used by scholars in the field. So what is MLA, why is it important, and wait… there’s an eighth edition?!

Don’t stress! Your Excelsior College Librarians can help! Here’s a short summary of what you need to know right now and how you can find out more at an upcoming webinar:

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is a professional organization that works to strengthen the study and teaching of languages and literatures.  It is most well-known for its very popular publication, The MLA Handbook, which explains how to properly cite and give credit to an author or creator of content when making use of works, while you’re writing a research paper. In April 2016, the MLA released the eighth edition of the handbook.


If you were already familiar with MLA Style, you will notice many changes, the most drastic of which is the simplification of the style overall. The seventh edition stressed a particular format for each individual kind of source (e.g. journal article, book, eBook, DVD, streaming video, etc.), which caused the process of citing a single source to become overly complicated. The eighth edition has thrown this method out the window and formatting for specific sources is not emphasized. Instead, asking students to think about what kind of source they’re citing, the new edition asks students about core elements, which are common to all sources. Neat, huh?

While this is all very exciting, it can leave you with a lot of questions. The Excelsior College Library is ready to answer your questions about MLA at an upcoming webinar. Consider this your formal invite to the library’s first Lunch and Learn Webinar: Changes to MLA on September 13th at 1pm EDT presented by Kathleen! Lucky you!

Kathleen Monti, Excelsior College Librarian
Kathleen Monti, Excelsior College Librarian

Here is the information you will need to attend and tell a friend:

What: Lunch and Learn: Changes to MLA

When: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016

Time:  1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Joining us is easy, please meet with us via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Where: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/311082757

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States: +1 (571) 317-3122

Image source: https://www.mla.org/Publications/Bookstore/Nonseries/MLA-Handbook-Eighth-Edition