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Use your experience and coursework to showcase your skills in an ePortfolio!

What is Portfolium?

An interactive resource that allows students and alumni to have a digital repository to creatively compile and showcase their educational and work-related skills, accomplishments, and experiences.

Why use Portfolium?

With this free resource students and alumni have the opportunity to:

  • Feature chosen projects, papers, presentations, resumes, and more
  • Leverage multimedia, including images, files, external links, and videos to support a visually rich visitor experience
  • Share collected work and achievements with faculty, graduate schools, prospective employers, and other entities via a unique URL
  • Reflect on personal, academic, and intellectual growth
  • Connect with fellow Excelsior students and alumni
  • Network with 3,000+ companies
  • Search through thousands of job opportunities

How do I use Portfolium?

A step-by-step guide to getting started

Create an account or log-in using the MyExcelsior Login option:

Access Portfolium

  • The first time you login, go to your setting section
  • In settings, add Photo & Cover Image by clicking the camera icon
  • Scroll down to ‘Tagline’ under your name for personalization
  • Scroll down to the section where you may link your social media or personal webpage if you like
  • On the left of the settings page you will see additional options for updating your profile

Update Profile Section. Your Portfolium has two sections: Profile and Portfolio.

  • Add and edit basic information, such as your introduction, education, and experiences. (You may choose the modules you’d like to add by selecting from the options.)
  • Add work samples or artifacts. When selecting “add” or “edit” a section, the panel slides out on left. Save changes!
  • Select “Add Project’ in upper right. Here you will be given a step-by-step guide on completing your project.
  • Publishing Your Project: You’ll see the privacy setting and you may control this for each project. Selections include: Everyone, Portfolium users, only you, or only your connections. “Only Me” provides you a link to share with anyone you would like to view this piece of work.
  • Live Help: Reach the Portfolium support team via the blue question mark in the lower right corner.
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