College Curriculum Committee By-Laws

Statement of Policy

The College Curriculum Committee (CCC) is responsible for implementation, assessment and oversight of the General Education plan of the College. It is also responsible for making recommendations to the provost on curricular issues that extend beyond the purview of any single school or unit. The CCC will also facilitate communication among the schools and the Academic Affairs Council (ACC) by assisting in addressing broad strategic issues related to curriculum development, emphasizing cross-school and unit collaboration, avoiding duplication, and integrating course and assessment-based approaches to address general education requirements and general education development.

The College Curriculum Committee is charged with three main tasks:

  1. To implement the General Education plan and to provide oversight for its continuous assessment and development.
  2. To establish guidelines that the Schools will use to review new general education assessment and course proposals, assessment and course modifications, and assessment and course deletions to ensure consistency with the General Education plan.
  3. Collaborate with the AAC, the Schools, the Office of Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Research, and the Center for Educational Measurement, to produce an annual report to the provost with recommendations on broad, College-wide curricular issues that extend beyond the purview of any single school or unit and that respond to the evolving needs of Excelsior College students.


Composition and Structure of the CCC:
The CCC is a standing committee within academic affairs composed of faculty and staff from within the College as well as representatives external to the College such as adjunct faculty members. The committee reports directly to the provost.

Appointment and Composition:
All members of the College Curriculum Committee are appointed by the provost for two-year terms. Members may be reappointed to an additional one-year term upon the provost's approval.

Membership in the College Curriculum Committee will consist of:

  • Two representatives of academic advising selected from advisors, directors of advisement and evaluation, director of advising services, or academic evaluation specialists. Appointment of these two members will rotate among the schools.
  • Four external faculty representatives.
  • One representative from the Center for Educational Measurement.
  • One representative from the Office of Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Research.
  • Four program directors or Nursing faculty.

The chair of the committee will be selected by the committee. All members have equal voting privileges.

In addition to these members, the chair may invite representative(s) to sit on the committee for extended periods of time to advise on particular issues and to provide updates on task force initiatives.

Input from adjunct faculty and Excelsior College students will be gathered when needed by the committee via focus groups, surveys, and/or teleconferences.

Meeting frequency:
The CCC meets for two hours each month, but will meet more frequently if need arises.

Reporting duties of the chairperson:
The chair of the CCC will make quarterly reports to the provost. The CCC chairperson or other members of the committee will also share appropriate information with deans when necessary throughout the year and will make biannual reports to the Academic Affairs Council. Pertinent information will also be shared with Excelsior College faculty on a regular basis via the Faculty Newsletter.