Course Number: HUM230


In this course, we explore the nature, meaning, and theories of friendship. We examine historical as well as contemporary understandings, tracing how friendship has evolved quite distinctly throughout certain periods in history. We survey some of the notable Western philosophies and literary commentaries on friendship, from thinkers like Aristotle to Foucault. We contemplate how definitions of friendship may be expanding, and how social media might be impacting our understanding of friendship. We specifically observe the intersection of friendship with marriage/partnership, work, disabilities, sexuality, and religion.

Prerequisite: None

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Section Format Hours Level Term Length
30069780 Online 3.0 Lower March 8 weeks
30069784 Online 3.0 Lower May 8 weeks
30069788 Online 3.0 Lower June 8 weeks
30069792 Online 3.0 Lower August 8 weeks
30069796 Online 3.0 Lower October 8 weeks
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