Course Number: CJ498


Intended as the last course of the major. Students research and prepare an application paper analyzing their area of concentration (Administration of Justice, Corrections, Homeland Security, Criminal Profiling and Investigative Analysis, or Law Enforcement and Public Safety) in the context of a problem statement approved the by instructor. The problem statement is generated by each student and incorporates their knowledge of the criminal justice system, their area of concentration and the ethical and social diversity issues involved in the resolution of the problem.

Prerequisite: Completion of Written English Requirement and Information Literacy, and most of the CJ courses required for the major (including CJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice, CJ110 Introduction to Law Enforcement and CJ255 Organizational and Administrative Strategies in Criminal Justice). Students must be within 15 credits of degree completion and obtain advisor approval.

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Section Format Hours Level Term Length
30067036 Online 3.0 Upper October 8 weeks
30072281 Online 3.0 Upper January 8 weeks
30072283 Online 3.0 Upper March 8 weeks
30072285 Online 3.0 Upper May 8 weeks
30072287 Online 3.0 Upper June 8 weeks
30072289 Online 3.0 Upper August 8 weeks
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