Course Number: INT400


The Excelsior College internship provides a way for you to gain practical work experience in your chosen field while completing your studies, whether you are majoring in business, technology, health sciences, public service, or liberal arts. Internships are now an accepted way by which learners experience the workplace and demonstrate to future employers their skills and potential, while also enhancing future employability and career-readiness. The internship is designed to encourage you to show a professional presence that is consistent with the expectations of a professional setting, particularly by analyzing complex issues, and through the application of sound decision-making. Using ingenuity and problem-solving, you will also develop innovative, ethical, and practical solutions to problems and then adapt appropriate methods of communication to build professional relationships. Working effectively with a range of different people you will also be encouraged to embrace diversity in the workplace and be respectful of human differences. In keeping with the Excelsior College mission to, meet students where they are academically and geographically - our internships are also offered as virtual or remote options (where available). Completing an internship allows a student to demonstrate a commitment to their personal and professional development that transcends their current studies and helps propel them toward new horizons with job-ready skills that equip them for their future careers.

Textbooks are generally not required for this course.  However, course materials may update in a given term prior to registration opening.  Students should therefore always review course material requirements and associated costs at our bookstore for the term in which they are registering.

Prerequisite: None

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