Official Transcripts for Excelsior College® Examinations and UExcel® Exams

Statement of Policy

Examinees taking Excelsior College Examinations and UExcel Exams may request an official Excelsior College Examinations transcript be sent to an institution, employer, regulatory board, etc.

Transcripts are released in compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, with the condition that no third party may be given access to this information without the written consent of the student.


Excelsior College issues official Excelsior College Examinations transcripts for students who have completed Excelsior College or UExcel Examinations, and who have not been enrolled in an Excelsior College degree program. Students may request official examinations transcripts through MyExcelsior (login required) at

Examinations Transcripts contain the following fields: student name, address, Excelsior College student identification number, last four digits of the Social Security number (if available), DOB (month and day), examination date, examination catalog number, code number and title, recommended credit hours and exam level, and letter grade. A standard score is also provided for those examinations taken prior to Fall 1999.

There is a fee for official examinations transcripts.

Excelsior College reserves the right to place a financial hold on the academic records of students who have not met their financial obligations to the College. A financial hold will result in the suspension of all College services, including the issuing of transcripts.