Excelsior College’s Portfolio Assessment Program

Portfolio Assessment lets students earn college credits for what they have learned through their past experiences such as work, volunteer, military, etc. Students select a college-level course that matches their learning, then provide documents and statements demonstrating they have met the outcomes of the course. Faculty and subject matter experts review the student’s portfolio to determine if credit awards are warranted.

While Excelsior College remains committed to providing portfolio assessment as an option for students to earn college-level credits and help them complete their degrees faster, we are currently transitioning our portfolio assessment service to a more robust and flexible offering. Please check back periodically for further information and instructions about this opportunity. More details will be posted on this website soon.

Note: Many subjects have standardized exams that can be used for college credit. See our UExcel page for list of exams. If such an exam is available, the student should take the exam rather than preparing a portfolio.

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