Introduction to Music

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The UExcel Introduction to Music examination measures is based on material and skills typically taught in a one-semester, three-credit, lower-level undergraduate course in music appreciation. The content of the examination is drawn from that commonly included in course offerings with titles like Introduction to Music Literature, Music Appreciation, Survey of Music, and Music in the Western World. The examination measures knowledge of facts and terminology, an understanding of concepts and forms related to music theory (for example: pitch, dynamics, rhythm, melody), types of voices, instruments, and ensembles, characteristics, forms, and representative composers from the Middle Ages to the present, elements of contemporary and non-Western music, and the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding in audio excerpts from musical compositions. No prior knowledge of music is required. (Multiple-choice examination)

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This exam requires you to listen to audio files. It must be taken in a testing center, and does *not* offer the online-proctored option.


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