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Test Preparation Advisory

The College offers UExcel® exams and Excelsior College® Examinations designed to help you advance your academic objectives through independent study. Though based on independent study, Excelsior College offers a comprehensive set of services and exam learning resources, including content guides, guided learning materials, and practice tests, to help you succeed.

These learning resources are prepared by Excelsior College so you can be assured that they are current and cover the content you are expected to master for the exams. These resources, and your desire to learn, are usually all that you will need to succeed.

Some students may seek additional assistance or may be contacted by tutorial firms and test-preparation companies offering their own products and services.

Excelsior College is not affiliated with any tutorial or test preparation firm and does not endorse the products or services of these companies. We do not review the materials provided by these firms for the content or compatibility of their material and resources with UExcel® exams or Excelsior College Examinations®.

We have been made aware of several recent incidents in which a test-preparation firm has contacted an Excelsior College student requesting access to their Excelsior College Examinations® preparatory materials, including practice exams. Sharing learning resources with a test-preparation firm is a clear violation of the academic honesty code. Students found to have engaged in academic dishonesty at Excelsior College will be subject to disciplinary action.

If you are approached by any individual or third-party about sharing any Excelsior College provided study materials, please contact us at PR (at)

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