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Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety

Catalog number: NURx104

Description: This examination tests the concepts and principles related to the application of the nursing roles of provider and manager of care and member of profession when applying the nursing process and concepts of safety (medication, physical, emotional, environmental) in the care of patients across the life span who are responding to common health needs related to health promotion, wellness, and self-responsibility. Critical thinking skills and caring behaviors needed to provide and manage care for these patients are stressed. Evidence-based nursing care and standards for nursing practice, as well as ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns specific to these patients are addressed. (This is a required examination for the Excelsior College associate nursing degrees. Multiple-choice examination.)

Exam Type: Multiple Choice

Credit / Level: 3.0 / Lower

Exam Fee: $355*

* Fee shown is for the exam only. Other associated expenses such as books and study resources, or travel, lodging, or providing any required documentation or background checks, are additional.


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Content Guide: Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety. This exam content guide is available to enrolled nursing students only.

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