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Introduction to Computer Programming Using Java

Catalog number: ITEx210

Description: This examination measures knowledge and understanding of material typically taught in a lower-level undergraduate course in Computer Programming. The content of the exam corresponds with course offerings such as Introduction to Computer programming, Computer Science I or Introductory programming using object oriented programming/Java. Students are expected to have basic proficiency in computer use and in the applications (such as any Java IDE) they will use to help prepare for this examination. This examination tests for comprehension and understanding of Introduction to programming in pursuit of organizational goals and strategies. The exam specifically tests for an understanding of computer and software organization; the software development process; variables, constants, primitive data types, expressions and operators; control statements; modularity and function design; linear data structures; object oriented design, classes and objects; and files in the Java language. (Multiple-Choice examination)

Exam Type: Multiple Choice

Credit / Level: 3.0 / Lower

Exam Fee: $110*

* Fee shown is for the exam only. Other associated expenses such as books and study resources, or travel, lodging, or providing any required documentation or background checks, are additional.


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