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Introduction to Cybersecurity

Catalog number: CNx1430

Description: The examination Introduction to Cybersecurity measures knowledge and understanding of material typically taught in an introductory, one-credit, undergraduate course in Introduction to Cybersecurity. The exam corresponds with course offerings such as Computer Security, Beginning Cybersecurity, or Fundamentals of Cybersecurity. Students should enter this course with a basic proficiency in computer use and in the computer applications they might use to help prepare for this examination. This exam tests for comprehension and understanding of Introductory Cybersecurity concepts and their use in pursuit of organizational goals and strategies. This examination specifically tests for fundamental concepts of cybersecurity. It overviews the evolving and dynamic field of cybersecurity, including common types of cyber-attacks and the techniques for identifying, detecting, and defending against cybersecurity threats. The exam will also focus on students' understanding of personal, physical, network, web, and wireless security, and the relationship of cybersecurity standards with the law.

Exam Type: Multiple Choice

Credit / Level: 1.0 / Lower

Exam Fee: $40*

* Fee shown is for the exam only. Other associated expenses such as books and study resources, or travel, lodging, or providing any required documentation or background checks, are additional.


Prepare for the Exam

Use the massive open online course (MOOC), Introduction to Cybersecurity, as your study guide.

No practice exam available at this time.

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You can register for this exam online or by calling 888-647-2388. If you don't already have a MyExcelsior account, you'll need to create one.

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