Excelsior College Examinations

Excelsior College exams (ECEs) are available to students enrolled in Excelsior’s associate nursing programs.

Nursing Theory Series Exams

Earning credit by exam lets you study independently rather than learn through structured, assignment-based courses.

ECEs are one of three ways you can complete the nursing theory requirements that comprise Phases I and II of the associate curriculum.

These exams assess your knowledge of medical, surgical, maternity, pediatric, and psychiatric nursing as related to growth and development, nutrition and pharmacology, and ethical and legal issues.

Excelsior College Nursing Theory Exams

Focused Clinical Competencies Assessment® (FCCA)

Phase III of the nursing component is the Focused Clinical Competencies Assessment. This requirement consists of two eight-week clinical assessments delivered via the Excelsior College learning management system. Learn more.

Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination® (CPNE)

In the final phase of your program, this assessment of clinical competencies focusing on your ability to identify, plan for, and meet a variety of patient care needs for adults and children with common health problems. After applying, the average wait time to take the CPNE is 12 months. Learn more or review pass rates.

Beware of Test Preparation Providers!

Excelsior College does not contract with or endorse the services of, or study materials sold by, any test preparation providers. Be cautious of anyone selling test preparation services or materials; whatever they may say to you, they are not affiliated with Excelsior College. As an enrolled student, you’ll be guided to the right learning resources and services. Learn more.