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Edevate & Excelsior College Partnership

Partner logoAbout our Partnership

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) offer an incredible opportunity for students to access some of the finest academic programs in the world but do not usually offer assessment methodologies or credit. Through Edevate's partnership with Excelsior College students that enroll with Edevate can identify MOOCS that offer the precise content that they are interested in, complete the MOOC program free of tuition and then gain academic credit through Excelsior's comprehensive credit by examination program. As a consequence of this innovative partnership students can now use MOOCS to earn transferable credit verifiable through the American Council on Education (ACE) or even a complete regionally accredited degree; an intersection of MOOCS and accredited higher education that most industry commentators had believed to be many years into the future.

By flipping the institution-centric model and evolving the diverse universe of MOOCS into a student and skills centric, outcome orientated, institution-agnostic platform, Edevate compliments and leverages the potential of all MOOCS. Edevate provides students with a centralized repository for their past and current educational achievements and the ability to produce a single transcript which documents not only the academic credit earned by the student but also the skills that they have acquired, a feature of tremendous benefit in seeking employment or career enhancement. To date Edevate has completed a skills analysis of over 2,000 MOOCS and more are being added each day.

Once registered with Edevate students are prompted with suggested courses related to their goals, interests and prior educational experiences while students that are seeking entry to a particular skilled occupation can search for courses designed to prepare them for employment in that field and/or with a specific employer. Students are also able to add "traditional" classroom and other prior educational experiences to their transcript as well as earning credit from Excelsior through a formal assessment of prior learning

Registering for Exams

Step One: Browse Available Exams

Browse Exams & Download Exam Content Guides

Step Two: Create a MyExcelsior Account / Log in

Create a MyExcelsior Account & Register for Exams

The first step to registering for an exam is creating a MyExcelsior account. If you already have an account, you can log in here to register.

Why do you need to create a MyExcelsior Account?

In order for us to transcript exam grades on an official Excelsior College transcript, exam-takers need to have a record in our database. You will be asked to provide identifying information that will be used to create your record so that we can link your identity at the testing center to our database and properly record your grade.

It costs nothing to create the MyExcelsior account, and creating the account does not mean you are an Excelsior College student--it simply means that you are eligible to have your exams transcripted. Once the account is created, you will be prompted for your username and password every time you want to register for an exam or purchase a practice exam, and your identification at the testing center will be matched to the information you provide for the MyExcelsior account.

About Edevate

The pioneers of Massive Open Online Courses ("MOOCS") have initiated the development of an evolutionary delivery methodology for the dissemination of learning but by flipping their institution- centric model and evolving the diverse universe of MOOCS into a student centric, institution- agnostic platform Edevate leverages the potential of all such MOOCS, combines it with traditional educational offerings and offers students an unique range of value-added services.

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CBE Partnership pages about Excelsior

About Excelsior College

Excelsior College is a regionally accredited, nonprofit distance learning institution that focuses on removing obstacles to the educational goals of adult learners.

Founded in 1971 and located in Albany, NY, Excelsior is a proven leader in the assessment and validation of student knowledge. We offer more efficient and affordable access to degree completion through multiple avenues: our own online courses, and the acceptance in transfer of credit from other colleges and universities as well as recognized corporate and military training programs. We currently offer more than 60 different degree programs in the fields of nursing, business, technology, liberal arts, and health science.

Excelsior has been continuously accredited since 1977 by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.