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Excelsior IEEE Student Branch

IEEE logoExcelsior College's School of Business and Technology sponsors a student branch of IEEE, an international professional association for the advancement of technology. Excelsior is the first distance learning institution to host an IEEE student branch. IEEE is a leading organization for industries and educators in aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications, biomedical engineering, electric power and consumer electronics, among other fields.


The student branch membership is open to any Excelsior College student interested in electronics engineering and electronics/instrumentation technologies.

Members will benefit from:

  • Networking with an international professional community whose members share professional and intellectual interests.
  • Leadership opportunities for students who wish to serve as officers, chair committees, help to plan online meetings, write articles for our newsletter, and participate in national conferences.
  • Scholarship, fellowship, and internship opportunities.
  • Professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Access to quarterly meetings and expert-led discussions on topics such as job prospects in the electronics industry, nanotechnology, and online graduate programs.

IEEE Student Chapter Webinars

Join fellow students, industry professionals, and faculty in our free quarterly IEEE chapter webinars.

You'll get timely industry information, enjoy the opportunity to meet and network with fellow students and professionals in the field, and get (and share) career building insights.

Check out the IEEE webinar links on the right for a sampling of our past webinars.

Bookmark this page and watch for the date, time, and topic of the next webinar this fall.


More Information

If you are a student interested in becoming a member of the Excelsior IEEE Student Branch, email us at

For information about the computer hardware and software requirements for participating in our meetings, please review the requirements outlined on our Help page.

IEEE Webinars