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How Credit by Exam Works

Earning credit by exam requires you to embark on a period of supported, disciplined self study to gain knowledge of a specific subject.

After you choose the exam you want to take for credit, you'll refer to a free exam content guide that outlines exactly what's covered in the exam, where you can find learning materials, and how your test questions will be structured.

After you register for an exam, you'll have access to learning resources and can sign up for practice exams. When you're ready, you'll take your exam at a Pearson VUE test center. Browse Exams

1. Study

Choose an exam, then review what you need to learn. Use reference materials outlined in your exam content guide to create your study plan. Learn how to prepare.

2. Register

Check the academic calendar and choose the term in which you want to take your exam, then register and pay online or by phone at 888-647-2388. The exam must be completed by the window end date of the term you've selected. You'll be prompted to create a MyExcelsior account if you don't already have one.

3. Practice

Take a self-test with sample exam questions in your content guide. If you want, you can check your readiness by signing up for practice exams.

4. Set Your Test Date

Within 48 hours after you register, an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter will be posted in your MyExcelsior message center that explains how to schedule your exam at online or by calling 888-926-9488. 

Pearson charges a test administration fee when you schedule your appointment to test. Additional fees apply for phone transactions (scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling). Visit the Pearson website for the current fee structure.

5. Take Your Exam

On the day of your exam, bring your required forms of ID to the Pearson VUE Testing Center. You'll receive a letter grade for your results (A, B, C, or F).

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