Duplicative Credit and Application of Credit

Duplicative Credit and Application of Credit

This policy outlines general credit application rules for specific types of credit regardless of credit source and it outlines how credit duplication is managed. This policy governs the application of duplicative credit and other specific types of credit to Excelsior programs.

Duplicative Credit
When duplication is confirmed, only one of the sources of credit can be applied to the student’s Excelsior academic program. This practice applies even if the sources of credit have different number, titles, levels, or if they are offered by different departments or institutions. Duplication is a term used when content between two or more sources of credit overlap. Excelsior considers duplication to occur if fifty percent (50%) or more of the content overlaps.

Developmental, Remedial, Certificate Only, and Continuing Education Courses
Courses and exams that are designated as developmental or remedial, certificate only and continuing education units (CEUs) will not apply to degree requirements.

Credits for Teaching
Students who have been the sole instructor of a college-level course at an accredited institution, a military service school, or a business or industry course evaluated by the American Council on Education, National College Credit Recommendation Service or Excelsior faculty may be granted credit for the course toward an Excelsior degree if it applies to the student’s academic program. The number of credits granted, and level of the course will be the same as the credit earned by a student in the course. No credit will be awarded for team teaching or teaching only part of a course.

Physical Education Courses
Excelsior will accept up to two (2) semester hours of credit from college-level physical education activity courses toward undergraduate academic programs.

English as a Second Language Transfer Credits
English as a Second Language courses which have been granted college-level credit at an accredited institution will be accepted for credit at Excelsior with the following limitations:
a) Coursework in English as a Second Language may not be used to meet the Written English Requirement.
b) The six-credit ceiling limit in composition includes college level work in English as a Second Language, see policy 017 Written English Requirement.
c) English language composition may be considered to duplicate English as a Second Language coursework if appropriate.



Credits for Teaching
To verify college teaching experience, the Registrar’s Office must receive a letter from the Academic Dean, Department Chairperson, Commanding Officer, or Program Supervisor stating the course number and title and the dates of instruction. The letter should also indicate that the person requesting the credit was the sole instructor of the course.