Enrollment Form Program Clarification (Problem Enrollments)

Statement of Policy

Students who submit enrollment forms with incomplete or conflicting program information will be contacted by the College for clarification before enrolling the student in the program. This includes clarification of the program/degree, major, specialization, or minor.

The program clarification may be obtained from the student either in writing or by phone. An enrollment verification form listing the program information will be sent to each student upon enrollment and will provide the student an opportunity to verify the information and notify the College if any changes are required.


  1. The Office of the Registrar will review submitted enrollment forms and identify those with incomplete or conflicting program information. If the student appears to need help in understanding or selecting a program, the Assistant Director of Records will notify the student. If the Assistant Director of Records is unable to assist the student in making a degree selection, the student is referred to an Academic Advisor for assistance.
  2. Students may be contacted either by phone, email, and/or letter.
    1. If the program clarification is obtained by phone, the phone conversation must be documented within comments in the Student Information System (SIS) and include complete program information and the date (month, day, and year) when the clarification was obtained.
    2. If clarification is obtained by an email, the email will be imaged into the student’s SIS record.

3. Students who do not respond within 30 calendar days of notification will be issued a refund of the multi-source fee paid minus a $50 processing fee.