Evaluation of CLEP® and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests

Statement of Policy

Excelsior College accepts credit recommendations by the American Council on Education® (ACE®) for CLEP General and Subject Exams and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs).

ACE reevaluates credit recommendations periodically for CLEP and DSST examination programs. Often the recommended credit allotments change what had previously been reviewed (e.g., title, level, credit amount, cut-off score).

For Examinations Administered August 31, 2016 or Before

Excelsior College will utilize the current scores/levels/credit amounts currently in its student information system (SIS).

The Assessment Unit maintained a set of conversion charts (historical score rule chart) for translating scores on these examinations into letter grades based on the average scores earned by students in the norming samples who earned each letter grade.

Data on older examinations (including those that have retired) and prior test forms are included where available.

All of these scores have been frontloaded in SIS and will be end dated for August 31, 2016.  (There will be no change other than end-dating these examinations).

For Examinations Administered September 1, 2016 or Later

Excelsior College will accept the credit recommendation designated by the ACE website only. These examinations will only be awarded Pass/Fail grades. The credit recommendation as stated on the ACE website will determine the level and credit amount awarded for each examination.