Excelsior University OneTranscript®

Excelsior University OneTranscript®

Statement of Policy

OneTranscript is a service for non-enrolled students who want to consolidate their academic records for employment or educational purposes onto a single master transcript. OneTranscript® will list college-level credits normally applied towards a Excelsior University degree such as: credits from an approved college or university; military, business and industry education and training evaluated and recommended for academic credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) and Excelsior University's assessment of prior learning (CAPITAL), Criminal Justice training evaluated by Excelsior University, Excelsior University courses and examinations, College Level Examination Program (CLEP); DSST examinations; and credits appearing on international credentials evaluated by a Excelsior University approved agency.

Duplicative college-level, degree applicable credits and credits such as physical education and orientation courses will be listed on a OneTranscript® Record. All Excelsior University courses and exams will be reflected on the OneTranscript regardless of grade. Non-Excelsior University college-level credits earning a D grade or better from approved colleges will be posted. Courses that have been repeated for a better grade, will only list the highest grade. Once credits are posted to the transcript, they cannot be removed.

The following will not be posted on a OneTranscript®: continuing education units (CEUs); developmental courses; certificate courses which do not carry college level credit, and GPAs. Only college-level courses earning a D grade or better from approved colleges will be posted. Students may request that certain courses be excluded from their OneTranscript® record by submitting a written request with the application.

The transcript will note clearly that it is an Excelsior University Credit Bank Transcript. The reverse side of the transcript will include the following statement defining Credit Bank Services:

“The Excelsior University OneTranscript® is a service to students not enrolled in Excelsior University who want to consolidate their academic records for employment or educational purposes. The Excelsior University OneTranscript® lists college-level credits that could be applied toward an Excelsior University degree. A grade of D and higher in transfer from acceptable institutions is listed on the Excelsior University OneTranscript®”.

If a One Transcript® student enrolls in an Excelsior University degree program they will be under the policies in effect upon enrollment. All course work listed on the One Transcript® will be evaluated according to their applicability toward the degree program the student enrolls in. Not all credits listed on the OneTranscript® will apply toward a degree program (example: D grades are not applicable to Excelsior University degrees).


  1. Fees: In addition to the OneTranscript® Fee, a fee will be charged for official document(s) submitted for an up-date after the initial posting is complete. Excelsior University courses/exams will be added to the One Transcript record at no additional cost to the student if a written request is received.
  2. Official transcripts are required and must be submitted directly from the issuing institution to Excelsior University, per the Official Transcripts for Excelsior University Examinations and UExcel Exams policy.
  3. Enrolled student and students who have completed a degree program, are not eligible to purse the OneTranscript® service. Enrolled students and students who have completed an Excelsior University degree have the option to request the addition of non-Excelsior college-level credit to the non-applicable section of the official transcript per the Posting Credits to the Official Transcript policy.
  4. Admitted Students (ADM), Admitted Withdrawn Students (ADMW), Admitted Expired Students (ADME) and Withdrawn Students are eligible to pursue the OneTranscript® service.
  5. OneTranscript® will be completed within 10 business days from the date final document(s) are received.