Faculty Orientation For Online Teaching

Faculty Orientation For Online Teaching


Excelsior University requires that instructional faculty successfully complete the FAC 100 New Faculty Orientation prior to teaching online courses.

FAC 100 is a self-paced tutorial, available to faculty at all times and can be started and completed in a time frame that is convenient for the individual. Each school is responsible for communicating this policy for completion of FAC 100 to their faculty.

Instructional faculty hired prior to January 2014 are exempt from taking FAC 100. With faculty program director approval, faculty may teach a course prior to completing the orientation; however, faculty must complete FAC 100 before receiving additional teaching assignments.

In special cases, a faculty program director may request that the school dean/dean designee grant an exemption from this policy.


  1. Upon receipt of the final notification from the faculty program director, the Human Resources hiring manager creates a faculty online account, changes the individual's code from IF to FC and changes the role to New Faculty in the Student Information System (SIS). This change triggers 2 email messages to the faculty member:
    1. A message with the official username and password for the new faculty member.
    2. A message that describes the requirement for completing FAC 100 and provides instructions for accessing and completing the course.
  2. All participants are required to pass a summative assessment in order to successfully complete FAC 100. Successful completion of FAC 100 will be automatically registered and tracked in SIS. A weekly FAC 100 completion report will be emailed to each school's Online Course Management Team, the hiring manager, and the director of faculty development. The school's Online Course Management Team is responsible for disseminating FAC 100 completion information to individual faculty program directors.
  3. Participants who do not successfully complete the final evaluation the first time will have 2 additional attempts to meet the requirements. The faculty program director may authorize additional attempts to successfully complete the final assessment.
  4. It is the responsibility of the faculty program director for ensuring that instructional faculty successfully complete the new faculty orientation prior to teaching online.
  5. The director of faculty development and support is responsible for the oversight of FAC 100.