Post-Baccalaureate Credit Used Toward Undergraduate Degrees

Statement of Policy

It is the policy of Excelsior College, in accordance with New York State Education Department policies, to limit and in some cases, prohibit the application of post-baccalaureate coursework toward an undergraduate or dual degree. It is at the purview of Excelsior College to determine if post-baccalaureate credits can be used toward an Excelsior College degree.


Excelsior College recognizes that there are varying scenarios in which post-baccalaureate credit may be considered toward undergraduate or dual degree programs. Each scenario will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis (Excelsior College staff see related document).

In cases when Excelsior College determines that the post-baccalaureate credit would benefit the student’s undergraduate or dual degree program, the student must provide written permission permitting Excelsior College to apply post-baccalaureate credit toward degree requirements.

Course approval will not be provided for undergraduate students seeking to take post-baccalaureate level courses except in the instance of the bridge and graduate components of registered dual degree programs.

Post- baccalaureate transfer credit listed on an Excelsior College transcript is not distinguished as graduate level credit.