Staff Serving As Instructional Faculty, Course Developers, And Clinical Faculty

Statement of Policy

Excelsior College staff must be academically and experientially qualified in order to be considered within each school to teach online courses or act as clinical faculty administering the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination on an overload basis.

Staff working as instructional faculty shall be compensated at the same rate as contracted instructional faculty members outside of the College.

College staff shall be limited to teaching, developing, or conducting a major revision of no more than one Excelsior course per term.

College staff acting as clinical faculty will be limited to 24 sessions of the CPNE per calendar year.

Compensation shall be considered “overload pay;” therefore, teaching duties must be conducted outside the scope of the regular work day.

Staff may appeal to the provost or the provost’s designee for permission to exceed these limitations.


A. Qualified staff interested in teaching, developing or revising online courses or administering clinical performance examinations for Excelsior must meet the minimum teaching credentials. Staff must provide a copy of their credentials to the appropriate school including:
1. Transcript for highest degree earned.
2. Current curriculum vitae.
3. One paragraph biography for use on the faculty Web page.

B. The teaching appointment will be made by the dean and approved by the provost or designee.

C. Teaching Contract:
1. The teaching contract shall be signed and executed before the first day of the course.
2. Compliance with all parts of the contract and any supplemental faculty guidelines provided by individual schools is required.

D. Compensation:
1. Staff will be compensated at the same rate as contracted instructional faculty members outside of the College.
2. As specified in the contract, the faculty member is paid at the beginning, midterm and after submitting final grades for the course. Compensation will be included with the staff member’s regular paycheck. A separate check will not be issued. Compensation for instructional faculty is not eligible for retirement contribution and is not included in the calculation for incentive pay or other such benefits. Checks will be issued per a bi-weekly schedule for CPNE compensation.
3. Staff who teach as part of their regular job are eligible to apply for instructional faculty positions and receive compensation on an overload basis. However, they will not receive additional compensation for the teaching conducted as part of their regular job responsibility.
4. All teaching duties (i.e., responding to discussion boards, grading papers, etc.) shall be done before or after the employee’s regular working hours.

E. Limitations:
1. Full-time staff shall not teach more than one course per term (spring, fall, summer) or administer more than 24 sessions of CPNE for Excelsior College per calendar year. Any exception in emergency situations must be approved in writing by the provost or the provost’s designee before the contract is issued. A copy of the exception approval shall be attached to the teaching contract.