UExcel® Exam Refunds & Extensions

Statement of Policy

Students have the right to request refunds or extensions for UExcel Exams® as outlined within A User’s Guide: Using Examinations to Accomplish Individual Goals (PDF).


Refunds are available when examinations are cancelled in a timely manner and requested within the term date as indicated in the Authorization to Test (ATT) letter.

Refunds will be issued according to the chart below:

Calendar DaysStudent LiabilityRefund Amount
Prior to Term Start Date0%100%
16–Term End Date50%50%

If students register after the term begins, the refund will be calculated using the date of registration as the first day of the exam.

The criteria for cancelling an examination in a timely manner are as follows:

Students must cancel a scheduled examination appointment with Pearson VUE before requesting a refund. Students may go to the Pearson VUE Web site or contact the Pearson VUE Call Center at 888-926-9488 to cancel. Advance notice requirements vary between the website and Call Center as follows:

  • Any student who cancels an exam appointment through the Pearson VUE Web scheduler must do so by 7:00 pm Central Time at least one business day (a minimum of 24 hours) in advance of their scheduled appointment time.
  • Any student who cancels an exam appointment via the Pearson VUE Candidate Call Center less than 8 calendar days prior to their scheduled appointment will be charged a fee for cancelling by phone.
  • After a student cancels an exam, the student must contact Excelsior College in writing to request a refund. The request may be made online through their MyExcelsior message center or by a signed letter and must include the student’s name, last four digits of his or her Social Security number or Excelsior College student identification number, and the title of the exam being cancelled. The student’s online or written cancellation request must be postmarked no later than seven calendar days after the last day of their test eligibility window as indicated in the Authorization To Test (ATT) letter.
  • A student who has cancelled an exam(s) will not be permitted to place money on his or her account in lieu of a 50-percent refund within the six-month eligibility time frame.
  • Examination candidates will not be allowed to switch exams after the end of their eligibility window.

Exceptions to Refund Policy (No Refund Given):

Students will forfeit their examination fee if they do not comply with applicable Excelsior College and/or Pearson VUE policies and procedures. In such cases students will be required to re-register and pay the examination fee again to reschedule.

The student will be charged a new seat time fee when rescheduling the new appointment to take the exam.

Extensions to Eligibility to Test Windows

UExcel Extensions

An extension to the term may be considered.

  • The test taker must submit a written request through their MyExcelsior Message Center (login required) or by a signed letter faxed to Test Administration at 518-464-8777,  and must also provide documentation supporting the request for an extension.
  • The request should be reviewed with the Director of Testing Services who may also seek the opinion of the Excelsior College Testing Services leadership.
  • If an extension is approved, it must be for a limited time only, i.e. 30 days.
  • The test taker’s exam eligibility expiration date will be adjusted by a member of the Test Administration staff and uploaded to Pearson VUE.
  • Weather related issues are handled on a case-by-case basis by the Test Administration group of the Center for Educational Measurement.

Note: Generally, if the student’s scheduled test center closes due to inclement weather, a Pearson VUE Call Center representative will try to contact student to reschedule the exam appointment for another date within their six-month test window. Student may also call Pearson VUE toll free at 888-926-9488 to reschedule an appointment themselves. If the test center remains open and the student decides not to attend, the examination fee would be forfeited.

In cases where weather does not warrant safe travel, students can notify Test Administration via MyExcelsior Message Center (login required) or via fax to Test Administration at 518-464-8777, including documentation regarding weather conditions. Test Administration Office will review the case to determine if the student qualifies for a $75 reduced reschedule fee for the missed appointment.

UExcel Exam Extensions

Extensions to the 90-day eligibility window for taking a practice exam will be granted only when technical problems attributed to Excelsior College caused an individual not to be able to take the practice test or review exam results.