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Graduate Certificate in Leadership

Online | 8-month program

Where High-Performance Meets Higher Learning

This Graduate Certificate in Leadership is the smart choice for new and aspiring leaders seeking to develop a versatile set of skills they can use today to help inspire their teams in a complex world.

Strengthen your leadership style using an approach that promotes collaboration across disciplines and stakeholders. Learn about applied leadership theory, strategic talent management, and driving performance.

A bachelor’s degree is required for admission to this graduate certificate program.

Fast Facts:

Complete the certificate in as few as 8 months

77% of organizations report that they are currently experiencing a leadership gap

Ideal for organizational change agents leading across teams


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Online Graduate Certificate in Leadership Program Details

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Ethical Leadership
Develop into a highly effective, transformational leader who can formulate sustainable, ethically sound solutions to the practical management problems encountered in a complex global environment. Learn how to set direction and work with multiple constituencies with divergent needs through an ethical lens that includes social responsibility and the intersections of diversity, culture, and environment.

Strategic Talent Management in a Complex World
Apply leadership and talent management strategies across disciplines in private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. This course integrates legal, management, and social science research with an action learning-based approach to executive-level leadership education.

Leading High-Performing Teams
Organizations are built with high-performing teams. In this course, students will learn about team dynamics, strategic techniques for high performance, and leading teams for success. Utilize leadership and team/follower theories to identify approaches to teamwork, construction, and conflict. Learn how to apply vision, strategic planning, and trending technologies to achieve more together. For a final project, students will perform a situational analysis on a real-world scenario.

Data Driven Decision Making
Learn how to research a current issue and interpret statistics. Explore the lens through which professionals from other disciplines make decisions based on data and statistical research. Topics covered include descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, and linear regression.

Communication Strategies for the Health Care Leader
Healthcare leaders have a profound responsibility to communicate effectively with diverse audiences. You will examine a variety of communication contexts, including planning, community-building, leading productive meetings, advocacy, inclusive communication across cultures, and crisis communication. Emphasis will be placed on new and emerging forms of leadership communication, ranging from myth-busting to social media and remote platforms. Create a strategic communication plan within a health environment of your choosing and develop your own communication plan.

To succeed in the public health field, the ability to understand and apply basic statistical methods commonly used in the design and analyses of biomedical and public health investigations is essential. The major topics covered in this course include types of data, study designs, probability, hypothesis testing, power, and sample size. Emphasis is placed on applying appropriate statistical methods, interpreting the results across public health environments, and communicating effectively with diverse stakeholders.

Public Management in a Political Environment
This course analyzes concepts, methods, skills, and procedures involved in managing public organizations. You will consider problems of organizations from a strategic management perspective and develop valuable skills in planning, decision making, performance evaluation. Learn how to determine and navigate the major stakeholders of a public organization, and apply your skills using cases taken from a variety of public services found at all levels of government.

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Common Careers with an
Online Graduate Certificate in Leadership

  • Business and Management Consultant
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Medical and Health Service Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Leadership Coaching or Development
  • Business or Organization Executive
  • Nonprofit Administrator

Alumni Spotlight

“I’ve met some truly huge leaders in their fields. Being able to text a question to a rocket scientist, or a chief nurse, or a retired CEO … Excelsior alumni make up some of the smartest and hardest-working people I have ever met.” - Kane Tomlin

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