CPNE® Technical Standards

The CPNE tests your application of the nursing process and technical components for nursing practice in the care of adults and children in the acute care setting. To take the CPNE, you must meet certain basic requirements. These are also known as “technical standards” that ensure you are able to:

  • Assess, perceive, and understand the condition of assigned patients.
  • See, hear, smell, touch, and detect subtle changes in colors.
  • Communicate (verbally and in writing) with English speaking patients and/or family members/significant others as well as members of the health care team, including nurses, physicians, support staff, and faculty.
  • Read and understand documents written in English.
  • Perform diagnostic and therapeutic functions necessary for the provision of general care and emergency treatment to the patient.
  • Stand, sit, move, and tolerate the required physical exertion necessary to meet the demands of providing safe clinical care.
  • Solve problems involving measurement, calculation, reasoning, analysis, and synthesis.
  • Perform nursing skills in the face of stressful conditions, exposure to infectious agents, and blood-borne pathogens.

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