Resources for Peer Institutions Responding to COVID-19

If your campus has made the decision to conduct classes remotely, Excelsior University is here to help.

Excelsior University has delivered academically rigorous and engaging classes online for nearly two decades and we have compiled resources to share in hopes this will ease your transition into the landscape of digital classrooms.

The links below to our faculty and student web pages offer tips and best practices for building online courses and delivering online teaching and learning, as well as robust resources, available free to anyone who needs them. We will continue to add articles and resources throughout these next weeks or months.

Online learning is different from traditional face-to-face teaching. Your faculty and students may be anxious about the technology or struggling with self-discipline. They are not alone. As they join our larger digital community, we offer our support and encouragement. Be assured, with more than 175,000 alumni, Excelsior University is proof that distance learning works and we are proud to lead the way in this new conversation. Together we are stronger.

John Caron, EdD
Provost, Excelsior University