Resources for Your Faculty

Teaching Online Is a New Experience

As the higher education community adapts to working remotely because of COVID-19, we asked our faculty to share their insights learned from decades of online teaching experience. We hope that these resources will help equip your faculty to tackle the coming weeks and months, and better serve your students as they finish up their studies online.

Create Course Content with These Online Resources

The Excelsior Online Writing Lab (OWL) can help you develop course-specific content. Use the OWL resources to create your own customized “owlets” of content to embed within your courses.

Promote Development of Your Students’ Writing and Reading Skills with These Online Resources

If any of your students struggle with improving their writing or reading skills, encourage them to use the OWL as well as the Excelsior Online Reading Comprehension Lab.

7 Tips for Teaching Online

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tips and best practices

Teaching Courses in the Online Format

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Developing Guidelines for Evaluating Work for Online Courses: A Primer

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academic integrity in online enviornments

Academic Integrity in an Online Environment

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