Examples Of Reasonable Accommodations

The following are examples of reasonable accommodations based on areas of study.


You must be able to care safely for hospitalized adult and pediatric patients, addressing their physical needs (including mobility) and psychological needs. You must satisfy the technical standards for the School of Nursing associate degree programs. Where appropriate, accommodations for the CPNE may include:

  • Use of an amplified stethoscope
  • Use of electronic devices for assessing vital signs
  • Sign language interpreter
  • Additional testing time which can be extended by thirty minutes for each patient care situation in the CPNE
  • Limiting to 5 the number of assigned areas of care in the patient care situation
  • Additional break time between examination components
  • Assistance with lifting and positioning of patient
  • Provision of latex-free gloves (according to individual hospital policies for latex-sensitive nurses)


You may request accommodations for Excelsior College courses providing that they do not compromise the validity or content of the course. Examples of course modifications include:

  • Extended time for testing and assessments (time and a half or double time)
  • Provision of alternate print or presentation formats, i.e. books on tape or electronic file, scanned text, enlarged print, Braille
  • To the extent possible, Excelsior College will maintain a barrier-free Web environment


  • If you have hearing or speech disabilities, the College provides TTY to facilitate telephone communication with the College.
  • The appropriate faculty will consider requests for substitution or waiver of specific degree requirements, if that substitution or waiver does not alter the academic integrity of the degree. The College is not required to substitute courses or examinations considered fundamental to the academic program, but it will consider possible course or examination substitutions (if disability proves to be a barrier to fulfillment of the course or examination in question). The faculty will consider the feasibility for available alternatives and determine whether a course or examination substitution is possible without lowering academic standards or requiring substantial program alteration.
  • To the extent possible, the College will maintain a barrier-free Web site.


The College will modify the testing conditions for Excelsior College Examinations, if the modification does not compromise the validity of the examination. Examples of test modifications may include:

  • Additional testing time
    • Time and a half
    • Double time
    • Scheduled breaks
  • Assistance
    • Reader
    • Recorder
    • Special mechanical devices (limited)
    • Accessible work stations
  • Format
    • Braille examination booklet
    • Large print examination booklet
    • Large print answer sheet
    • Sign language interpreter (spoken instructions only)
  • Separate Room


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