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Alumni Bookcase

Alumni Bookcase

Our alumni are a busy and talented group! Here you'll find a list of publications written by our graduates, including a link to a site where you can buy or download the selection. The Alumni Bookcase provides a platform for the literary achievements and intellectual discourse of our diverse alumni.

Help Fill Our Shelves

If you're an alumnus who has published a book and would like to have it added to the College's Alumni Bookcase, submit the following information to

  • Author's name
  • Complete title of book
  • Link to website from which book can be purchased

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. The bookcase is updated with new titles frequently.

Excelsior College does not necessarily post all submissions it receives. Listings are subject to the sole discretion of the Excelsior College Office of Alumni Affairs. In addition, material that is deemed potentially offensive will not be considered, and the College reserves the right to remove submissions deemed to be potentially offensive after posting.

The Final Port, Barbara Houtenbrink Andreason

Pranks in Print: A Collection of Fake Stories, Phony Ads and Other Media Mischief, Richard J. Bauman

Beloved of the Orisha (Orishas Revealed Book 1), Eva Bonner

Child of the Orisha (Orishas Revealed Book 2), Eva Bonner

The Clockwork Crown (Clockwork Daggers Novels Book 2), Beth Cato

The Clockwork Dagger: A Novel (Clockwork Dagger Novels Book 1), Beth Cato

Wings of Sorrow and Bone: A Clockwork Dagger Novella, Beth Cato

Dreams Come True, Thane C. Crozier

The Squad Room: A Novel, John Cutter, Robert Nivakoff

Miracles & Mischief: Meringue for your Brain, Vernon Crumrine

A Pluto Story, Harold Geller

Lazarus Curse the First Secret, Kaizen Kobe

Don't Mean Nothin', Robert C. Marsett

Hey Gringo! What Are You Going Here?, D. Kim Martineau

Annie and the Senator: A Story of Vigilante Justice (Annie Chan Thrillers Book 1), Robert W. McGee

Justifiable Homicide: A Political Thriller (Robert Paige Thrillers Book 1), Robert W. McGee

1st Sparklet of Glancing Hope, Anis I. Milad

Also Wounded, James C. Mitchell

Choke Point, James C. Mitchell

Lovers Crossing, James C. Mitchell

At the Intersections of Dundalk Avenue: A Collection of Short Stories and Minute Plans, Anis Milad

The Tethering, Megan O'Russell

Sleeping Dragon, Milton L. Peterson

Missing the Mark, John Ridley

Blue Hydrangeas: An Alzheimer's Love Story, Marianne Sciucco

Return to Life: Chaos Reins, G. L. Skye

Texas Border Trouble, G. L. Skye

Adjuster, John Vikara

Auld Lang Syne: A Supplemental to the Vandal Triology, John A. Vikara

National Defense, John Vikara

The Vandals, John A. Vikara

The Distant Trees: An Elise t'Hoot Novel, Pre-Elise, Mary Ellen Wall

Hate All Around: An Elise t'Hoot Novel, Mary Ellen Wall

Neighbors: An Elise t'Hoot Novel (Elise t'Hoot Series Book 4), Mary Ellen Wall

Tenebras: An Elise t"hoot Novel, Mary Ellen Wall

A World of Our Own: An Elise t'Hoot Novel, Mary Ellen Wall

City of Eternal Spring , Afaa Michael Weaver

Realm of the Golden Dragon, C.D. Williams

Palawan, Charles Williams

Ground Truth in Building Human Security, Douglas Batson

Registering the Human Terrain: A Valuation of Cadastre, Douglas Batson

Awe-Full Moments: Spirituality in the Commonplace: Life's Awfull Moments Can Transform into Moments of Awe, Richard J. Bauman

The Currency of Leadership, William H. Bishop

Walking Away a Winner, Deborah Morgan Bush

Project Management in History: The First Jeep, Paul R. Bruno

Emotional Elicitation of Dreams, Justin Carver

Special Education: Best Practices in Focus, Michael J. Cohen

Blues Mandolin Man: The Life and Music of Yank Rachell, Richard Congress

The Lost in Space Yearbook, Robert Coyle, Jr.

Abundant Life, Takis J. Dikas

Prosperous 20's with an Unnecessary Depression: Learn What Made America So Greatin the the 1920s that Lead to a Great Depression that We Could Have Avoided, Takis Dikas

Basic Principles of Business Administration, Dr. Ambrose E. Edebe, MBA, PhD

The Manager's Handbook, Dr. Ambrose E. Edebe, MBA, PhD

Your Women Did Prophesy , Dr. Ambrose E. Edebe, MBA, PhD

Let's LSAT: 180 Tips from 180 Students on How to Score 180 on Your LSAT, Jacob Erez

Netter's Atlas of Neuoroscience, David L. Felten, M. Kerry O'Banion, and Mary Summo Maida

Born in Brooklyn...Raised in the CAV!, John E. Flanagan

A Cancer Story, Harold Geller

All The Secrets of the Solar System, Harold Geller

All the Secrets of the Universe, Harold Geller

Astrobiology - The Integrated Science Curriculum, Harold Geller

Stepping Wild: Hiking the Appalachain Trail with Mingo, Phil Grounds

Haggadah of the Heart, Elizabeth Haller-Walsh

College and Eighth: A Memoir, Herbert Hyde

Herbie: A Troy Youth's Coming of Age Sort Of!, Herbert Hyde

How to Build Your WordPress Author's Website, Joe Jacobson

Reality Essays, Differential Reality and Belief, Paul Jungnitsch

Basic Physics for All, B. N. Kumar

Major Revision Facts in Mathematics, B. N. Kumar

8 Treatieses on Prime Numbers, Carl L. Lambert

Instructor Training Outcomes: The Missing Link in Instructor Development, Jack Macfarlane

Business Management Handbook, Dr. Anis I. Milad, DBA, SCPM

Leadership Review Handbook, Dr. Anis I. Milad, DBA, SCPM

Lambert Prime Number Formula: A Summary, and How to Produce and Determine Titanic Primes Using It, Carl L. Lambert

Au-delà du criticisme kantien : La méthode critique-intuitive dans la première philosophie de la religion de Paul Tillich , Claude Perrottet

You Don't Have to Be Poor: So Plan Your Future, John W. Ridley, PhD

Barron's TASC, Christopher Sharpe and Joseph S. Reddy

How to Prepare for the GED Test with CD-ROM, Christopher Sharpe and Joseph S. Reddy

Pass Key to the GED, Christopher Sharpe and Joseph S. Reddy

Blue Seas, Red Stars: Soviet Military Medals to U.S. Sea Service Recipients in World War II, David A. Schwind

Old School is Good School: 'Back to Basic" Leadership Leassons, Kevin G. Slater

Longitude by Wire: Finding North America, Richard Stachurski

How to be Free of Alcoholism, Cancer, and Many Other Diseases, Frank Stebbing

Surviving Inside Congress, Mark Strand, Michael S. Johson, Jerome F. Climer

Caged Sparrow, Joseph Tuttolomondo and Rosemarie Fitzsimmons

Whispers from My Heart: Poems and Inspirations, Sameul T. Watkins Jr.

Anders Village, Geri J. White

Figleaf, a novel.: A Young Oregon Policeman Owes an Arab Sheik a Million Dollar Favor, Geni J. White



About the Alumni Bookcase

By listing publications written by alumni on this page, Excelsior College does not endorse the contents, opinions, or values expressed by the authors or vouch for the quality of the work listed. In addition, the College bears no responsibility for the accuracy of third party or user generated content linked to this page.

Furthermore, the opinions expressed by third parties are not necessarily those of the College or its employees. The Alumni Bookcase Committee is comprised of the College's general counsel; vice president for institutional advancement; director of development; alumni affairs manager; and the alumni leadership council president. The committee reviews submissions to ensure that the content is respectful of all people and a positive representation of the scholarship of Excelsior's alumni.