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Excelsior College Alumni and Donors

Welcome Alumni

The Excelsior College Alumni Association's purpose is:

  • to generate a sense of identity among graduates; 
  • to advocate for alumni interests to the College; and 
  • through the activities of the alumni, to promote the interests of Excelsior College and its educational objectives, including fund raising.

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At Excelsior College, we are grateful for the consistent and generous support from our alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and organizations. Excelsior finished the 2015-2016 fiscal year having raised over $460,000, which provides much needed financial resources to help our students succeed. For the adult learner pursuing a college degree, success does not always come easy. Career and family responsibilities compete with study time and academic research. Financial obligations and tight family budgets often restrict adult learners from taking the courses they need to complete their chosen degree program. With the support of our donors to scholarships and academic programs, our students receive much needed financial help to overcome obstacles to a college degree.

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