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Show what you know. Time is precious, and yours is dedicated to your family, your work, and your community. You may have thought that earning college credit or getting a degree would take too much time away from the other important aspects of your life, but Excelsior exams provide a flexible route to exploring a higher education.

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From clinical nursing to business and technology to liberal arts to Microsoft certifications and more, you’ll find an exam that can forward your career or help you save time and money while working toward a degree.



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Register for one exam to show your proficiency with particular subject matter, or collaborate with an advisor to build a strategy for completing a degree by using exams. Either way, our easy registration system can get you started.


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Prepare for your exam at your own pace using our detailed and in-depth study guides, guided learning packages, and other exam resources. Or, you can prepare for your exam by partnering with fellow exam takers in collaborative study groups.

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Results of your exams are mailed to you promptly; in some cases, a preliminary report is available from the test site right after you complete your exam. And, with a MyExcelsior account, you always have access to your grades and a list of your exams.

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Practice Makes Perfect

You can take an online practice exam at your convenience to gauge your readiness and reveal which areas you need to study further.

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When you are ready, you can take your exam at any of the many Pearson VUE test centers around the country. Test centers are equipped with the latest technology, including testing options for students with special needs.

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"I took Excelsior and CLEP exams, prior learning portfolio assessment, and online courses. I took advantage of every option that was available to me."

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