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Course and Administrative Withdrawal Information

Course and Administrative Withdrawal

Military Students: Review our Military Deployment/Training Extension and Withdrawal Policy, and talk to your advisor.

Course Withdrawal and Nursing Theory Conference Examinations (NTCX) Withdrawal

Review Excelsior's Course and NTCX Withdrawal and Refund Policy

If you're an enrolled student, discuss course withdrawal with your academic advisor before you withdraw.

You can cancel, add/drop, or withdraw from online courses and nursing theory conference exams in the My Courses & Practice Exams section of MyExcelsior.

Administrative Withdrawal and Academic Dismissal

If you request an administrative withdrawal, or are administratively withdrawn or academically dismissed, you will no longer be longer be enrolled at Excelsior College.

Administrative Withdrawal

You can request an administrative withdrawal due to personal emergency. Before you decide to withdraw, talk it over with your academic advisor. If you don't pay your required fees, or if you violate college policies, you’ll automatically be administratively withdrawn from Excelsior.

Academic Dismissal

You'll be academically dismissed from Excelsior College if you do not:

  • Accumulate the minimum number of required credits
  • Meet minimum academic standards for your program
  • Complete your program within the maximum time limit

To learn about appeal procedures and access the online withdrawal request form, visit the Administrative Withdrawal and Academic Dismissal policy page.

To learn how withdrawing from a course or NTCX will affect your financial aid status, grades, graduation date, etc., talk to your advisor.