Executive Profiles

William G. Harris


Chief Executive Officer


MBA, Duke University
PhD, University of Massachusetts
Honorary Doctorate, Excelsior College

William G. Harris serves as chief executive officer (CEO) of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), the leading international organization for publishers of assessment programs. He taught doctoral students at the Illinois Institute of Technology and conducted research on the use of the computer to deliver assessment programs. Afterward he became head of research and software development at PsychSystems, the first United States group to be publicly traded as a computer-based testing (CBT) company.

Recently, Dr. Harris has gained recognition as an advocate for the testing industry. His current areas of interest are industry-wide issues about e-testing, test security, and the impact of the Internet on the economics and future of assessment programs. He is overseeing the international expansion of ATP that includes a growing membership from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He is responsible for the successful launch of the Operational Best Practices project for K-12 large-scale assessments and the ATP's European conference, "Growing Talent through Assessment." Under Dr. Harris's leadership ATP is a leader in test security and digital copyright issues. He serves on the editorial board of several scholarly journals and chairs the U.S. delegation to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) initiative on the delivery of workplace assessment services.

Excelsior College
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-5159

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