Military Tuition and Fees

Excelsior College offers special tuition discounts and fee waivers to military servicemembers (active-duty, guard, and reserves) and their families to make education as affordable as possible for military students. We also have military-friendly policies and advising services that make it easy to apply military tuition assistance and other educational benefits toward your Excelsior degree.

Ways to Control Costs

Excelsior College offers a full range of financial support services to help servicemembers and veterans achieve their educational and professional goals.

Military Tuition Assistance

Learn more about how you can apply military tuition assistance and other educational benefits toward an Excelsior degree program.

Financial Aid

Military students at Excelsior College are often eligible for the same loans, scholarships, or other sources of financial aid that civilian students use.

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Excelsior College maintains educational partnerships with numerous military organizations. Individuals who are affiliated with these organizations may be eligible for discounts on tuition, student fees, and other costs.

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Payment Plans

Excelsior College offers payment plans to help working adults fit education costs comfortably within a household budget. You can pay tuition and/or fees in monthly installments, rather than in a lump sum.

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