Undergraduate Tuition And Fees

Excelsior College offers affordable undergraduate degree programs that are designed to fit within a working adult’s budget.

The information on this page is for non-nursing programs.

Your Enrollment Options

Excelsior Course Option

If you’ll earn 12 or more credits through Excelsior online courses before you graduate, choose the Excelsior Course Option.

If you’ll earn 6 credits or more at Excelsior before you graduate and are enrolling in the AAS in Technical Studies or the AAS in Administrative/Management Studies program, choose the Excelsior Course Option.

Multi-Source Option

If you’ll earn fewer than 12 credits at Excelsior before you graduate, choose the Multi-Source Option. This option includes an administrative enrollment fee.

Below are the costs associated with each enrollment option:

Course OptionMulti-Source OptionDescription
Enrollment FeeNo fee if you earn 12 course credits at Excelsior1$1,095Official evaluation of transfer credits, academic advisement, and academic program planning for the first year.
Tuition$510 per credit hour$510 per credit hourPer credit tuition cost for all undergraduate courses.
Student Service Annual Fee (SSAF)$495 x number of years of enrollment after the first year2$495 x number of years of enrollment after the first yearLibrary services, academic advising, evaluation of transfer credit, and academic program planning.
Technology Fee

$20 per course credit and per exam$20 per course credit and per examInvestments in and continuing improvements to technology services.
Graduation Fee3$495$495Final review and processing of student records for degree conferral and issuance of diploma.
Certificate Program$50Review and process of student files for certificate conferral upon completion.

Tuition and fees subject to change without notice.

1 Fee waived if you fulfill the Course Option requirements. Students who do not complete the required number of Excelsior course credits before graduation will be switched to the Multi-Source Option and charged the Multi-Source commitment fee. The credit requirements for course option students do not change. Programs that required students take 12 Excelsior course credits before graduation still require 12 Excelsior course credits before graduation. Programs that require 6 Excelsior course credits still require only 6 course credits. If you did not pay an enrollment fee and your status changes to withdrawn at the associate, bachelor’s, or graduate level program, and you then wish to re-enroll in any program at the same degree level, you will be charged a commitment fee equivalent to the prevailing SSAF and reactivation fees.

2 Students who do not complete 12 Excelsior course credits per year will be charged the prevailing SSAF for this option.

3 All students are required to pay the graduation fee. Our annual Commencement ceremony is held in Albany in July. Registration is required if you wish to attend and there is a small fee for your cap and gown assessed at registration. For more Information visit our Commencement page.

Ways to Control Costs

Excelsior College offers a range of programs and services to ensure that working adults have access to an affordable education.

Financial Aid

Most Excelsior College students receive loans, scholarships, or other sources of financial aid.

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Excelsior College maintains partnerships with employers, colleges, military organizations, and other types of institutions. Students who are affiliated with partner organizations may be eligible for discounts on tuition, student fees, and other costs.

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Payment Plans

Excelsior College offers payment plans to help working adults fit education costs comfortably within a household budget. You can pay tuition and/or fees in monthly installments, rather than in a lump sum.

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