Business Application Requirements

Before you apply, check that you meet the requirements for the program you want to pursue at Excelsior University.


No special requirements.


The GMAT isn’t required, but you’ll need to submit an official transcript confirming your completion of a bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited college or university, or the foreign equivalent. Bachelor’s degrees from non-regionally accredited institutions will be accepted if the school was accredited by an accrediting body listed in the U.S. Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs at the time you attended.

MBA Applicants: Foundation Requirements

For students with bachelor’s degrees in economics, business, accounting, sports management, human resources, and marketing, there are no foundation requirements.

Bachelor’s graduates with other majors will need to successfully complete a uniquely designed and low-cost business school competency refresher in modules covering basic accounting, fundamental economics, and business statistics. These topics are designed to ensure that MBA students are prepared for the graduate business courses in the curriculum.

These fundamental self-paced modules are provided by Peregrine Global Services, an Excelsior University partner. Each module takes approximately 3–5 hours to complete and students need to correctly answer 14 out of 20 questions (70%) in each module assessment to secure a passing grade. Students have two attempts to pass each module.

Students who are registered to take the competency refreshers will be able to take two core MBA courses prior to completing the modules. A student will need to complete the refreshers to take the rest of the curriculum. Should a student decide to not finish the refresher modules or is unsuccessful, they will have the option to switch their enrollment to another Excelsior University graduate program.


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