Diversity & Inclusion

The Strength of a Diverse Community and the Power of an Inclusive Culture

Excelsior College values students, instructors, employees, and all members of its world-wide community, and actively develops practices and policies that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Diversity involves recognizing and respecting the richness of ethnic and cultural traditions, and the value of different perspectives related to gender, age, disability, sexual orientation religion, family status, employee tenure, and more.

Inclusion is about leveraging these differences and maximizing individual contributions in a way that enhances organizational effectiveness.

At Excelsior, we celebrate our commonalities and the cultural experiences and resources that sustain our competitive advantage and enhance our community. Here, contrasting viewpoints represent learning opportunities; commitment to cooperation and inclusion leads to the common good; and diverse individuals work in cooperation with one another as responsible citizens in a learning community to achieve positive outcomes.

Excelsior College proactively:

  • Recruits and retains students, faculty, and staff who reflect the diverse society in which we live.
  • Develops program curricula that incorporate global perspectives.
  • Encourages volunteerism among faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • Participates in and hosts educational programs, cultural events, and other celebrations and awareness-raising activities.



The mission of the President’s Committee on Inclusion (PCI) is to promote diversity and assist the president of the College in creating and maintaining an inclusive environment for the Excelsior community.


The purpose of the PCI is to develop and promote diversity programs that enrich the working and learning environment at Excelsior. In addition, PCI looks at strategic opportunities to promote the business case for diversity and meet the needs of students, faculty, employees, stakeholders, and other constituents.


  • Provide educational programs that enhance employees’ ability to work in a multicultural environment and serve diverse students.
  • Recommend to the president ways to reach out to diverse populations to enhance name recognition of Excelsior College both locally and nationally.
  • Collaborate with all offices and units of Excelsior College to be of assistance on issues of inclusion.

For more information, contact Toby L. Hamlin, Diversity Coordinator/Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Human Resources, at 518-608-8218 or thamlin@excelsior.edu.