Excelsior College Annual Funds

The Excelsior College Annual Funds offer the opportunity to alumni, friends, staff, faculty, and business partners to give to Excelsior College on an annual basis.

Gifts of all sizes are welcome. Alumni participation is important to Excelsior College. When people give, it demonstrates the value of investing in Excelsior College. The percentage of alumni who give each year is one of the factors considered by corporations, foundations, and ranking organizations when making their own philanthropic decisions.

Excelsior College General Fund

One of Excelsior’s few sources of unrestricted dollars, the General Fund is vital to helping our students progress toward degree completion. Gifts are applied immediately where most needed, typically to support student scholarships, but these funds can also be used to support faculty resources, academic programs and innovation, and technological and media resources – all the things that enhance a student’s Excelsior experience.

Examination Scholarship Fund

This fund supports scholarships for students taking Excelsior examinations.

Excelsior College Scholarship Fund

This fund supports scholarships for students who demonstrate financial need.

Faculty Development Fund

This fund supports faculty training and scholarship opportunities that enhance the online learning experience and contribute to student success.

James N. Baldwin Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by the Excelsior College Board of Trustees as a gift from the Excelsior College community to James N. Baldwin upon his retirement as president. The scholarship fund was created in recognition of Baldwin’s commitment to ensuring educational opportunity for adult learners so they can complete their degrees. The scholarship is to be awarded to two students annually and will cover the cost of tuition and technology fees for one course for each student. Students must meet the following requirements: -minimum 3.0 GPA;-demonstrated financial need; and -be more than halfway through their degree program (associate degree student would be at sophomore level, bachelor’s degree student would be at senior level, and graduate student would be in fourth year).

LTC Bryant A. Murray Veterans Center Fund

This fund provides resources and support to military veterans for both academic and life needs.

Military Spouse Scholarship Fund

This fund supports scholarships for spouses of active-duty military servicemembers.

Military/Veteran Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarship assistance to military/veteran students.

Nursing Scholarship Fund

This fund supports scholarships for students enrolled in associate, bachelor’s, or graduate degree nursing programs who demonstrate financial need. This fund can be used to pay for examinations and fees, including preparatory expenses.

Ever Upward Scholarship Program

An Ever Upward Scholarship provides a one-time scholarship award of $500 and more to an Excelsior student who has demonstrated financial need through the scholarship application process.

Donors to this program may choose to name their scholarship; oftentimes, in honor, in memory, or in recognition of someone who has had a significant impact on their own life. For example, “The John Doe Ever Upward Scholarship honoring my instructor who encouraged me to complete my degree.

When you complete and return the Ever Upward Scholarship Program form, your gift will be commemorated with a certificate, and the scholarship recipient will be notified that you made this award possible.