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As an Excelsior graduate, you know the difference a degree can make. You’re an online learning pro who knows what it takes to succeed! You also already know how Excelsior’s flexible courses and supportive faculty make it easy to fit learning into your life. So whether you’re among our recent alumni or a not-so-recent Excelsior graduate, now is the perfect time to return to Excelsior for your next degree. A bachelor’s or master’s degree will build on the education and skills you already have and put you ahead of the curve in today’s competitive job market. Plus, you get to take advantage of our streamlined enrollment process, making going back to school that much smoother.

Interested in career training or earning a professional certification? We offer 100% online, noncredit courses to help you gain workforce skills anywhere and anytime it’s convenient for you!

Baccalaureate Nursing Degrees

Excelsior’s RN to BS in Nursing program was developed especially for working registered nurses. This fully online Bachelor of Science in Nursing program emphasizes the integration of nursing and related arts and sciences knowledge in complex situations related to nursing care of individuals, families, aggregates, and communities, preparing you to deepen your knowledge, develop your professionalism, broaden your career options, and increase your salary potential.

If you are an associate in nursing graduate looking to pursue your BS in Nursing while you prepare for the NCLEX, get a jumpstart with our Provisional Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing program.

I don’t know what the outcome would have been if it wasn’t for [Excelsior]. Eventually I would have gotten to where I wanted to go at a much, much later stage in my life and, of course, that would have impacted my career and where I am today.

Kathleen Gallo, RN, PhD
Executive VP and Chief Learning Officer for Northwell Health
AS ’80, BS ’86

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Fast Facts


The average median salary for a registered nurse with a BS

(Source: BLS)


What a typical BS graduate earns over their working lifetime

(Source: The Hamilton Project)


BS graduates earn more than twice as much as a typical high school graduate

(Source: The Hamilton Project)

Bachelor’s Degrees

Did you know bachelor’s degree holders earn on average 44 percent more over their lifetime than those with an associate degree? Excelsior specializes in meeting the needs of adult students—especially career changers and students with a military background. We grant academic credit for many forms of real-world education, including military service and job-related training, speeding you toward an affordable online bachelor’s degree that can help you take your career options and earning potential to the next level.

Excelsior was able to consolidate most of my credits…The instructors were easily reachable and responsive, as well as understanding when it came to life events…The online classes were set up in a structured manner, but there was some flexibility with the coursework.

Robert Gorhum
AS in Technology ’08, BS in IT ’12, MS in Cybersecurity ’19

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Fast Facts

return on investment

The benefits of a four-year college degree are equivalent to an investment that returns 15.2% per year


91 percent of the net increase in jobs held by those at least 25 years old are filled by those with at least a bachelor’s degree

(Source: marketwatch.com)


A typical BS degree holder will earn $1.19 million over their working lifetime—more than twice as much as a typical high school graduate

(Source: The Hamilton Project)

Master’s Degrees

Going back to school to get your master’s degree is a big decision. But with statistics showing boosts in personal growth, professional credibility, and above all, salary, it’s one that could be well worth it! With the increasing need for masters-educated workers in fast growing fields like business, health care, technology, and nursing, how much more could a master’s mean to you? A master’s degree from Excelsior is the smart, flexible, and affordable option for adults who want to advance their career prospects.

As far as being able to relate to someone, being able to communicate with them, being able to see their side; knowing the difference of personalities; being able to understand verbal and nonverbal communication—those are some of the things that I learned through Excelsior and I use daily.

Missy Washington
BS in Liberal Arts ’17, MS in Health Sciences ’19

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Fast Facts

new career opportunities

91 percent of the net increase in jobs held by those at least 25 years old are filled by those with at least a bachelor’s degree

(Source: marketwatch.com)


The number of people in the US that possess a master’s or advanced degree has risen 66% from 2000-2018

(Source: BLS)


Careers that require a minimum of a master’s degree or higher are expected to grow 16.7% from 2016 to 2026.

(Source: BLS)

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