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AS in Liberal Arts

Transfer up to
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Receive credit for military training

Online Associate in Science in Liberal Arts

This degree is also offered in our dual-language ¡Adelante! program

When students graduate with an Associate in Science in Liberal Arts from Excelsior, they embody the classic strengths of a foundational education: abstract thinking and critical analysis, concise communication and clear comprehension skills, historical awareness, and an appreciation for art and science as worthwhile human endeavors. Our liberal arts degree program empowers students to study a subject in-depth, building the confidence to embark on a new professional life or pursue graduate-level work in a focused discipline.

This fully online Associate in Science in Liberal Arts program melds your life experience with your educational goals: by awarding you transfer credit for college courses, military training, and on-the-job expertise, we help you build a degree program that respects what you already know and what you want to learn. Build both a solid foundation and a nimble future with courses in art appreciation, literature, philosophy, political science, criminal justice, economics, biology, and more.

Satisfy your academic requirements and reward your intellectual curiosity with flexible, affordable options. Show what you know through comprehensive Excelsior College UExcel exams, a cost-effective way to earn credit toward your degree. Enjoy the opportunity to study and learn from your own home or preferred space, on your own schedule, by taking our rigorous online courses designed to balance independence with community and collaboration—you’ll study when it fits best with your life but always be connected to your faculty members and fellow students.

Fast Facts:

The average median sales manager salary is $121,060 (Source: BLS)

Top industries for AS graduates include communications, business, and marketing (Source:

AS degree holders earn on average, 64 percent more than those with no degree (Source: BLS)


credit hours

Online AS in Liberal Arts Program Details

60 credits total required.

  • Cornerstone Course
  • INL 102 Information Literacy
  • Written English Requirement
  • Humanities
    • One elective course
    • One ethics course
  • Social Sciences and History
    • Any combination of two social science and/or history courses
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    • One mathematics course (minimum 2 credits)
    • One natural sciences course (minimum 2 credits)
    • Additional courses
  • Arts and Sciences Electives
  • Applied Professional and/or Additional Arts and Sciences Courses
  • Capstone Course

Associate Degree Capstone Course

The Associate Degree Capstone is a culminating and reflective experience centered on the four Liberal Arts degree outcomes: critical thinking, communication, diversity, and ethics. Students broaden their understanding of these concepts, apply them in assignments, and reflect how they have shaped their learning. Students also demonstrate their communication skills by creating a PowerPoint presentation and a final project.

If you enjoy studying independently, you may find Excelsior’s UExcel exams an efficient and effective way to earn credit toward your Associate in Science in Liberal Arts. You can prepare at your own pace and schedule your exam when you’re ready, saving both time and money. Many liberal arts course requirements, including those in the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, history, and humanities, can be satisfied using exams.

Think Critically: Demonstrate an ability to use appropriate terminology, define concepts, and apply skills across a range of contexts and areas of knowledge to identify and solve problems.

Communicate: Interpret various types of written, visual, and/or oral information; organize ideas; and communicate precisely and clearly to express complex thoughts.

Embrace Diversity: Identify similarities and contrasts among cultures, times, and environments, demonstrating an understand of cultural pluralism and knowledge of global issues.

Be Ethical: Explain ethical issues and conflicts, indicating actions appropriate to the issue and range of potential consequences.

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Common Careers with an
Online AS in Liberal Arts

  • Administrative and Business Services
  • Education
  • Government

Lauren Harlow
AS in Liberal Arts, 2017

“Excelsior gave me skills in critical analysis, writing, problem solving, and communicating, which all helped me perform my job well.”

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