Admissions Overview



Find out what you need to do and know, and the types of documents you’ll have to submit when applying for admission to Excelsior University.

Visit the International Applicant page to find out what you need to do to apply as an international student. If you plan to enroll in a nursing program, visit the International Nursing Applicant page.

Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your degree and take a course during summer break, or you’re a life-long learner wanting to try something new, Excelsior welcomes visiting and non-matriculated students. Whatever your goals, read more on our Visiting or Non-Matriculated Student page to get started.

1. Choose Your Program

Speak with your admissions counselor to find out which programs will support your career goals and make the most of your transfer credits, training, and prior learning.

Not sure what program is your best fit? Try our free career and education planning tool for future students to identify options that match your skills and interests.

2. Review Your Requirements

It’s important for you to check the application requirements for the program in which you plan to apply.
Business | Health Sciences | Liberal Arts | Nursing | Public Service | Technology

3. Get Ready

Gather required information and documents, such as:

  • Names (including branch/campus) and addresses of colleges attended.
  • List of exams, training, and certification programs you’ve completed.
  • Have your official transcripts sent;directly to Excelsior from issuing institutions. Find out where to send your transcripts.

4. Submit Your FAFSA Online

You can complete the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) online at This may help you obtain scholarships even if you don’t plan to use financial aid now.

The Excelsior University code for this application is 014251.

Make sure you complete the FAFSA for the year that aligns with the Excelsior academic term in which you’ll be enrolling. See guide below:

Fall Term: use 2024-2025 FAFSA

5. Start Your Application

Do yourself a favor and begin filling out your application now. No need to wait—your information will be saved for you to finish later if you’re interrupted.

Think about how great you’ll feel when you’ve taken that first step!

Begin the Admissions Process

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Your admissions counselor will help you select the right program and complete the admissions process.