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Cost of Attendance Samples

The following tables reflect sample costs of attendance for students taking course work (12 or more course credits per year) at Excelsior College. The totals are representative of annual costs to attend Excelsior. Please note that the cost of attendance for students that opt for all of their course work in CD-ROM format are limited to tuition and books only. Students taking exams and transferring credits can reduce the total cost.

Undergraduate Excelsior College Student
Two Trimesters / 6 credits each trimester (half-time student)

 Tuition ($510 per credit x 12 credits) $6,120
 Annual Fee (SSAF) (using course based enrollment option)* $0
 Room & Board Allowance $8,200
 Technology Allowance $450
 Books & Supplies ($140 x 4 courses) $560
 Total $15,330