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In each online course you'll find most of the navigation is similar with tools and essential elements in the same place.

The interface has four main areas:

  • Tabs - Navigate to My Institution and other areas
  • Breadcrumbs - Navigation path shows where you are
  • Course menu - Links to tools and resources
  • Content area - All course content is in this area

Online courses at Excelsior College are broken down into these learning modules, which are listed in order on the Homepage. Modules are chunks of related information and activities. Some modules may be one week long, while others may last multiple weeks. Refer to the Course Schedule in the Course Syllabus for more information on how long each module will last and when activities are due.

Each module generally contains:

  • An overview statement, orienting you to the topics covered in the module
  • Course and module outcomes, which are goals for completing the module
  • Lecture or instructor notes, presentations, charts, etc. that explain the topics of the module
  • Textbook readings, links to websites, videos, etc. that are required for you to complete for the module
  • Activities to complete during the module, such as:
    • discussions
    • assignments
    • quizzes
    • exams
    • journals
  • Course-related questions discussion area where you can ask your instructor or classmates questions about the topics or activities in the module

Messages are a way to communicate privately with your instructor and other students within the course. The Mail tool, or "My Messages", is located in the Course Menu. Please note that this is not an e-mail account. People outside of the course cannot send messages to this Message box, nor can you send message to people other than those in that particular course. If you are enrolled in multiple courses, you will have a separate Message box for each course. The video tutorial below will provide you with a glance at how to use the My Messages tool within a course.

You will find at least one discussion question in each module. Discussion are a vital part of the online course experience. The Discussion Board allows students and instructors to post, read, and reply to