Course Formats


We offer a select number of courses in CD-ROM format which are ideal for servicemembers, independent learners, and those who do not have readily available Web access.

If you do not have a consistent Internet access, CD-ROM courses give you access to your course work off-line.

After you register, we send you the course on a CD-ROM and email your instructor's contact information to you. Email is the preferred method of assignment submission for each of the course modules, but you can submit work by mail, FedEx, UPS, and fax as long as it arrives within each module's deadline. You may work with your instructor to establish an alternative schedule if needed.

Each CD contains course requirements, lecture notes, assignments, procedures, and schedules. You must purchase any textbooks and optional study materials separately. Exams are essay based and are either contained within the CD or emailed by the instructor (as noted in the CD). Contact with your instructor is via email at agreed on intervals.


Online courses are ideal for adult learners with work, family, and social demands.

You can easily access online courses from any computer with Internet access. The course outline, readings, lecture notes, quizzes, presentations, grade books, and discussion boards are available online, 24/7. Faculty members who are expert in the field not only teach, but also provide guidance, mentoring, and responses to questions about material covered.

Nursing Theory Conference Examinations (NTCX)

The Nursing Theory Conference Examinations is delivered over a trimester. During the Term 1 of the trimester the student completes the online conference and during Term II the student completes the computer-based examination at a secure testing center.


Excelsior College offers courses at the associate, bachelor's and graduate levels in business, liberal arts, nursing, health sciences, public service, and technology.