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CBE Partnership - OpenStudy

OpenStudy & Excelsior College Partnership

Partner logoAbout our Partnership

Students can earn college credit by using OpenStudy courses to help them prepare for the nationally recognized Excelsior College® Examinations (ECEs), a credit-by-examination program recognized by the American Council on Education. Students who earn credit by using ECEs may apply the credit earned toward an Excelsior degree program pathway or transfer the credit to more than 2,500 accredited institutions nationwide.

Registering for Exams

Step One: Browse Available Exams

Browse Exams & Download Exam Content Guides

Step Two: Create a MyExcelsior Account / Log in

Create a MyExcelsior Account & Register for Exams

The first step to registering for an exam is creating a MyExcelsior account. If you already have an account, you can log in here to register.

Why do you need to create a MyExcelsior Account?

In order for us to transcript exam grades on an official Excelsior College transcript, exam-takers need to have a record in our database. You will be asked to provide identifying information that will be used to create your record so that we can link your identity at the testing center to our database and properly record your grade.

It costs nothing to create the MyExcelsior account, and creating the account does not mean you are an Excelsior College student--it simply means that you are eligible to have your exams transcripted. Once the account is created, you will be prompted for your username and password every time you want to register for an exam or purchase a practice exam, and your identification at the testing center will be matched to the information you provide for the MyExcelsior account.

About OpenStudy

OpenStudy is a social learning platform for the world to study together anytime and from anywhere. Over half a million learners from every corner of the world gather to give help and get help on subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Writing and Biology. Over 2000 questions are asked each day and over 70% of them are answered within 5 minutes. As learners spend time working on questions and interacting with one another, they build up their SmartScore. The SmartScore reports on a learner's teamwork, problem solving skills and engagement.

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