Nursing Associate Degree Programs FAQ

Enrollment in the Associate degree in nursing programs is continuous. You must first submit your application for the Associate degree to the Admissions Office. They will advise you about the process of enrolling after you are accepted.

This degree prepares you for licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN). For all states, graduates must complete the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Applicants must have some health care background prior to enrolling in the program. For more information about eligibility, please contact the Admissions Office.

Information about the most current fee schedule is available at Fees and Tuition. You may also contact our Admissions Office to request the fee schedule by calling toll free 888-647-2388, extension 27. You should budget for textbooks, Internet service provider expenses, and miscellaneous charges as well.

Federal and Financial aid is available regardless of income, with low interest rates and flexible payment options. Excelsior College is the pioneer in offering federal aid for a completely online education. Certificate programs do not qualify for financial aid.

Visit the Financial Aid pages

Distribution requirements for general education ensure that all students develop basic competence (at least 100-level courses/examinations) in the areas of arts and sciences (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics), as well as specific abilities in written English and information literacy.

Learn more about General Education Requirements

Nursing Courses FAQ

Our courses and examinations cover the exact same content and have the same expected student outcomes. The difference is in how students learn the material. The exam or assessment-based path allows students to study at their own pace and, when ready, take an examination to demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.

Courses have a defined start and end date within an eight-week period during which time students are required to complete assignments and interact with other students and the faculty. They are similar to a campus-based course in this regard. However, since they are offered in an asynchronous format – you don’t need to attend class at any given time – students have some flexibility as to when they login and participate in learning activities.

You may choose either courses or examinations or a combination of the two to fulfill degree requirements. However, only courses currently qualify for Federal financial aid as described below. Courses and examinations have the same titles and cover the exact same content. Although you have the option to take either a course or exam of the same title to fulfill a requirement, there is a limit to the number of times you may attempt any given course or exam. You should speak with your academic advisor to help you decide which path for meeting degree requirements is best for you.

Course Title Begins Ends Course Starts Course Ends
NUR 214 Transition to
the Registered Professional Nurse Role   
May 9, 2013   June 28, 2013  
or earlier if the maximum  
number of students
that can register has
been reached.    
July 1, 2013 August 25, 2013 

After consulting with your advisor, you may register by clicking the Register tab on your MyExcelsior homepage.

You should become familiar with future registration deadlines and course start dates.

Federal Student Aid rules require that you maintain at least half-time status each term to receive aid for that term. At Excelsior, half-time status means you must be taking a minimum of six (6) credits of Excelsior College courses during a given 16-week period (3 credits in each of two back-to-back 8 week terms or 6 credits in a single 15 week term). As an associate degree in nursing student, back-to-back eight-week courses can be comprised of two nursing or one nursing and one general education course, or two general education courses. Please note that ONLY courses count toward half-time status. Federal rules exclude examinations from this calculation and Federal Student Aid cannot pay for exam-based credits.

The first step is to speak with your Excelsior College academic advisor to determine if you are academically eligible to take our nursing courses. If eligible, you should then complete a FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible.

To qualify for financial aid in the July term, it will be necessary for you to complete the 2012 -2013 Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA form.

Please note the current default is set for the 2013-2014 award year so be sure you are using the 2012-2013 form.

When completing this form, be sure to have the results sent to Excelsior College by adding the Excelsior College code number of 014251 in the proper space. If you wish to apply for any of the Federal financial aid programs beginning with the July 2013 term, it is recommended that you complete the FAFSA sooner rather than later to allow for processing time.

A series of video guides is available at our web site that should help you understand different financial aid programs. I encourage you to visit this site for basic information and to contact our financial aid staff to help you apply for the programs best suited to your circumstances.

To comply with the requirements of Federal financial aid programs, regardless of whether or not you receive this aid, Excelsior College must implement certain policies regarding the reporting of grades for our enrolled students. Effective July 1, 2013, for all associate degree nursing students:

  • Transcripts issued by the College will reflect two Grade Point Averages (GPA): one for credits earned only through Excelsior College courses and examinations (ECGPA) and an overall GPA that will reflect the combination of credits earned through Excelsior College and any credits accepted in transfer from other sources. Posting all grades earned from Excelsior College courses and examinations on your transcript will more accurately reflect your most recent academic experience.
  • For students who have not previously taken an online associate degree nursing course at Excelsior, all grades completed from July 1, 2013 and forward, including "D," "F" and "W" grades, will be posted on your My Academic Plan, on your Excelsior College transcript. This includes grades earned in any Excelsior course or Excelsior College Examination, the Focused Clinical Competencies Assessment (FCCA) and the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE). These grades will calculate into your GPA and ECGPA. This will not apply, however, to any grades received prior to this date.

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