Program Transfer and Degree Change

Statement of Policy

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are allowed to transfer within a school and between schools. If a student decides to transfer from one school to another, (e.g., business to liberal arts), the student will be charged a program transfer fee to cover the cost of revaluating the credentials for the new program. The fee can be found in the Complete Fee Schedule for Undergraduate Programs (PDF).

  • It is recommended that students discuss program/degree changes with an academic advisor prior to requesting a change.
  • Undergraduate degree transfer requests can be submitted online. (login required)
  • Requests in writing must include your signature and be sent to:

    The Office of Registration and Records
    Excelsior College
    7 Columbia Circle
    Albany, NY 12203-5159


    Fax the signed request to the Office of Registration and Records at 518-464-8646

  • Emailed requests are not accepted.
  • All requests with associated fees should be sent to the Bursar's Office for processing.
  • All requests that do not require a fee should be sent directly to the Office of Registration and Records.
  • Students are provided with initial evaluations from the school or degree program to which they have transferred.
  • Any Excelsior College sources of credit that do not apply to the new degree will be included in the "Non-Applicable" section of the official transcript. (However, they will calculate into the Excelsior College GPA, satisfactory academic progress calculation, and academic probation calculation.
  • Any credit that applies to the new degree program will be included in the initial evaluation. The advisor will choose the best credits to meet degree requirements.
  • Students cannot request to have credit removed for the purpose of improving GPA or making room to take new credit.

Note: Students cannot transfer into a nursing degree using the online form. Health Science students may not use the online form to change their program.

Graduate Students

With few exceptions, students wishing to transfer into or within graduate programs must apply for entrance to the new program and are subject to all related fees. Refer to the Graduate Fee Schedule (PDF).

Students should consult the academic advisor in the graduate department to which they are seeking admission for information.