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AS / AAS Nursing: Intro

Associate in Nursing Degree Programs

Excelsior's associate programs in nursing are specifically designed for LPNs, LVNs, paramedics, and certain classifications of active duty military, National Guard, or Reserves within specific military occupations with equivalent scope of practice to LPN/LVN or paramedic.

Working nurses and health care professionals come to Excelsior because they want to earn an accredited degree through flexible online courses, online conferences, and/or credit by exam options.

Application Requirements

Before applying, it's important that you read and understand all of the application requirements for this program. If you have any questions, contact your admissions counselor. 

To be eligible for admission, you need to be employed in a direct patient care setting under the supervision of someone with a health care credential who evaluates your clinical practice. You also must have worked in this setting for at least 200 hours in the year prior to your application.

Note: Most of Excelsior's AS/AAS in Nursing graduates are immediately eligible to take the NCLEX-RN® exam. However, graduates in some states must meet additional requirements or stipulations before becoming eligible for RN licensure.

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Catalog: Nursing

Nursing Catalog

Review degree requirements, learning outcomes, course descriptions, and more in the Nursing Catalog.

AS/AAS Nursing: Program Info

AS/AAS Nursing Curriculum

To earn your nursing degree, you'll complete certain requirements, including:

Nursing Theory Series

Phases I and II of the associate program include eight nursing theory requirements that you'll fulfill by taking Excelsior online courses, Nursing Theory Conference Exams (NTCX), and/or